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Rapid growth in countries across Europe and worldwide has led to an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to join the Intelfin team.

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About The Program

As we continue our expansion, we look for passionate and talented leaders to join the movement and scale the Intelfin ecosystem.

Intelfin is currently the only infrastructure of crypto and DeFi + CeFi for all financial needs in this ground-breaking ecosystem.

We are seeking visionary souls aware of cryptocurrencies’ potential to transform daily life and reward forward-thinking investors. We’re actively seeking out partners who embrace Intelfin’s #CryptoWellbeing mission: making financial freedom accessible to everyone worldwide.

We are committed to moving the cryptocurrency space away from the power of large financial institutions and into the hands of ordinary people. Even those with no experience in investing can make money from market price differences using our algorithms and the full power of Hybrid Intelligence systems.

You will earn exclusive access, gifts, discounts, and other rewards as you help us nurture the worldwide Intelfin community.

What’s in It for You?

The more passionate you are, the more recognition you’ll get. We’ll publish your profile on our list of local resources. You’ll get exclusive swag, face time with product planners and executives, early access to features, Intelfin-branded equipment and clothes, a profitability boost for Intelfin products, and gifts.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to interact with Intelfin’s developers and product planners to help us make Intelfin the platform you and your local community need. Join us in creating a world of crypto-based financial freedom for everyone.

Rewards And Benefits

As an Intelfin ambassador, you will represent our unique ecosystem, have first-hand access to shaping our strategy and help drive blockchain adoption worldwide.

  • Earn high rewards in Intelfin’s future tokens or USDT.
  • Official title and recognition on Intelfin’s channels
  • Early access to official releases and exclusive news
  • Networking opportunities with Intelfin Team members, partners, and other ambassadors.
  • Swag, conference tickets, free training seminars, and more
  • Training and mentoring opportunities with leaders in the crypto space

Who Should Become An Ambassador

As an Intelfin ambassador, you will represent our unique ecosystem, have first-hand access to shaping our strategy and help drive blockchain adoption around the world.

Existing community leaders
Having an already existing user-base or community that you’re the leader of and the capability to promote Intelfin within your group.

Speakers, bloggers, and highly experienced people within the technology and cryptocurrency industry, especially in Algotrading, Crypto Investments, AI/ML, and DeFi.

Marketers & Content creators
Marketers & Content creators: you love building content and have out-of-the-box ideas. Even if you are not crypto-savvy, you can still contact us.

Students & Academia
Students who are researching the blockchain space and want to be part of a major movement in the future.

Global, regional, and local crypto influencers; community managers, experts, traders, and marketers.

Developers & Tech talent
You have blockchain technical expertise and interest in building Dapps

What is your unique talent? Get in touch to discuss how your unique skills and perspective can expand the Intelfin community.

What It Takes To Become A Intelfin Ambassador

Occupying the leading role of an Intelfin ambassador is an exceptional opportunity. Our program is very competitive and we are accepting top talent only. Below we have highlighted some of the criteria we are looking for.

  • Hands-on knowledge about crypto markets and the blockchain space.
  • Background in community management or being a proven influencer or marketing service provider.
  • Extensive understanding and genuine enthusiasm for Intelfin.
  • Highly motivated and connected within cryptocurrency or mainstream marketing spheres.
  • Exemplary talent and impeccable communication skills.
  • Ability to engage and share information about the Intelfin ecosystem and market solutions with creative individuals.
  • Highly motivated and connected within cryptocurrency or mainstream marketing spheres.

What Is Expected Of An Ambassador

Attend the onboarding training sessions and read as much as you can about Intelfin so that you can get a deep understanding of our technology. Build and grow your community. It could be a local Meetup group, a Telegram community, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn groups, a Subreddit, a student group, and more. Come up with cool ideas on how to drive excitement about Intelfin.

You can choose some of the ideas we already have, complete monthly challenges, or come up with brand new ideas!

  • Sponsor or run pitch nights
  • Run office hours
  • Build video tutorials
  • Translate and publish Intelfin post or article
  • Host training and mini hackathons
  • Build eBooks and training guides
  • Collaborate with local groups, foundations, startup incubators, university groups to co-host events
  • Write a blog post or case study about potential, real blockchain applications using AI/ML, the benefits of crypto arbitrage trading, etc., and, if approved by Run office hours, it will get featured on our channels. Or choose a topic that interests you related to the Intelfin ecosystem and write exciting content.
  • Invite local speakers and host interview sessions. Invite professors or host sessions within university classes.
  • Discuss blockchain & crypto trends and run thought leadership events.


All applications must be in English!



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