How to be an Intelfin Community Ambassador?

  • Raising awareness about the Intelfin ecosystem and the Intelfin Global multiplatform.
  • Creation of an active and large Intelfin community on social networks.
  • Creation and awarding of the Intelfin Adherents Club.

Once again, by becoming an Intelfin ambassador, you can contribute to the Intelfin vision, share it, and help the project raise awareness and engagement, thereby helping to write the next chapter of the Intelfin story. In the future, the best ambassadors who have proved themselves worthy supporters will be closely associated with the Intelfin team and all other ambassadors from around the world.

  • Build a solid network and get real experience by making a name for yourself.
  • Acquire new skills that are in demand on the market to raise your career to a new height.
  • An adherent of algorithmization and adore AI and DeFi.
  • The King of memes.
  • Long-term-oriented investor.
  • Purposeful and energetic crypto enthusiast.
  • Respect other cultures and views.
  • Always online (even when sleeping).
  • Telling the world about Intelfin.
  • Regularly share Intelfin content on all social networks.
  • Write comments, reviews, blogs, shoot videos, etc.
  • Translate content to help raise international awareness.

How to get started

What will you do?

  • Promote Intelfin on social networks and contribute to the development of the community.
  • You invite new ambassadors and community members to work.
  • Create content, write, design, code, shoot, draw banners, memes, graphics, etc…
  • Organize meetings and events to promote our news and goals.
  • Translate and disseminate information in your native language and regional communities.
  • Moderate and direct the community, often taking on the responsibility of a leader who can coordinate people and resources.
  • Complete any important community task that benefits the community.
  • Make a daily contribution to community management (maintaining conversations in Telegram, Discord, Reddit, etc.).
  • Take the initiative in offering and creating solutions and community tools.
  • Organize events (AMA, contests, etc.).
  • Establish cooperation with other communities and other projects for mutually interesting cooperation.
  • Monitor social networks for interesting content that needs to be reported to the project team.

Only in the first week of the program, when completing tasks, participants are allowed to use materials taken from the main project site, blogs, Twitter, and other social networks.
However, starting from the second week after the first post that you published, only your original content is allowed to be published, to avoid the spread of repetitive and meaningless content.

You are very lucky that you came to us in the first rows.



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