How to be an Intelfin Community Ambassador?

Dear community! At the initial stage of the ambassador program, we collected a huge number of applications. The Intelfin team thanks you for your activity and desire to raise awareness about our project around the world!

Create content, share your feedback, spread information about our project — and get rewards. In this article, we have outlined the main points that are important to our supporters.

We remind you that the Intelfin Global Ambassador program has three main goals:

  • Raising awareness about the Intelfin ecosystem and the Intelfin Global multiplatform.
  • Creation of an active and large Intelfin community on social networks.
  • Creation and awarding of the Intelfin Adherents Club.

Once again, by becoming an Intelfin ambassador, you can contribute to the Intelfin vision, share it, and help the project raise awareness and engagement, thereby helping to write the next chapter of the Intelfin story. In the future, the best ambassadors who have proved themselves worthy supporters will be closely associated with the Intelfin team and all other ambassadors from around the world.

  • Build a solid network and get real experience by making a name for yourself.
  • Acquire new skills that are in demand on the market to raise your career to a new height.

Our ambassadors will be key players in our community around the world!

Who is our ideal ambassador? If you have some of the qualities
listed below —
join now!

  • An adherent of algorithmization and adore AI and DeFi.
  • The King of memes.
  • Long-term-oriented investor.
  • Purposeful and energetic crypto enthusiast.
  • Respect other cultures and views.
  • Always online (even when sleeping).
  • Telling the world about Intelfin.
  • Regularly share Intelfin content on all social networks.
  • Write comments, reviews, blogs, shoot videos, etc.
  • Translate content to help raise international awareness.

How to get started

Hey, the new #IntelSoldier!
Getting started is easy — please fill in your details in this form to get started.

If you have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact:

Please note that the team will update this form without prior notice. More detailed information about the program will be published later.

What will you do?

By becoming part of #IntelfinArmy based on personal skills, we expect you to:

  • Promote Intelfin on social networks and contribute to the development of the community.
  • You invite new ambassadors and community members to work.
  • Create content, write, design, code, shoot, draw banners, memes, graphics, etc…
  • Organize meetings and events to promote our news and goals.
  • Translate and disseminate information in your native language and regional communities.
  • Moderate and direct the community, often taking on the responsibility of a leader who can coordinate people and resources.
  • Complete any important community task that benefits the community.
  • Make a daily contribution to community management (maintaining conversations in Telegram, Discord, Reddit, etc.).
  • Take the initiative in offering and creating solutions and community tools.
  • Organize events (AMA, contests, etc.).
  • Establish cooperation with other communities and other projects for mutually interesting cooperation.
  • Monitor social networks for interesting content that needs to be reported to the project team.

*The Ambassadors’ awards will depend on the results and will be distributed monthly depending on the quality and engagement. We will also have a special achievement bonus allocated to the best ambassador of the month.

Tasks to be completed
We present a list of tasks and activities that need to be completed so that you can help promote Intelfin Global in the DeFi space and beyond.

1) Subscribe to all Intelfin social channels (Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Medium, Reddit, LinkedIn, TradingView).

2) Find the Planet/A globe in your city, take a picture and mark it with the Intelfin logo. It can be either a picture, a toy in a store, a picture from a telescope /observatory, or a living planet (in pm. if you are in space). Post the photo on Twitter. A contest for the best photo will be held weekly.

3) Create memes about Intelfin and IntelSolider (post on Twitter). The contest for the best meme will be held weekly.

4) Create artworks for social networks. Post them on your social networks and Discord. The competition will be held weekly.

5) Write a review/article (at least 250–300 words) about Intelfin. Use only English, post your work on Medium and Reddit.

6) Create the best discussion/comment on Reddit in separate topics (subreddits) on information related to Intelfin.

7) Tell the world about Intelfin in a video on Youtube or TikTok (at least 60 seconds). The maximum reward will be given to the creators of the video with the greatest involvement… And don’t forget to add hashtags! #Intelfin #IFGT #Ambassador #DeFi #CryptoNews #cryptocommunity #AI #CryptoBOT #CryptoInvestor

— The title of the video must contain the phrase “Intelfin”.
— There must be at least one comment and one preview under the video. Comments and opinions can be your own.
— Share this video on your social networks. It would be great if you also shared this video on Twitter.

8) Come up with the best advertising offer for Intelfin. Share ideas on how to attract users to the platform.

9) The best suggestion for improving the product.

10) Bonus task:
Open and promote the Intelfin community in your country/region.
Fill out this form in advance and contact the team before starting the activity. The list of countries is limited.

Above, you were presented with a general list of possible directions and specific weekly tasks to demonstrate your intention on the way to becoming an Ambassador of the Intelfin Army!

You can receive an invitation in several ways:
1. From our official Twitter account: @intelfin_global
2. By email from the following addresses: and (if you didn’t receive the email, please check your spam folder)
3. From official accounts on Telegram: @intelfin_helper, @intel_ambassador

After receiving an invitation from an official representative, you can immediately start performing weekly tasks, as well as show initiative and a creative approach by writing us a letter with your suggestion on how you will expand awareness of Intelfin worldwide.

How to become our ambassador?

Step 1. Fill out the general application form — Apply here
Step 2. Wait for the official verification process.
As soon as we receive your response, your application will be reviewed by the main Intelfin team.
Step 3. Become an Intelfin Ambassador.
After the review process, the curators of the program will send an invitation letter to the selected candidates for further acquaintance and assistance in performing the following tasks.

As for the details of the tasks, we hope that you will be able to create excellent content, and not mass content, so we suggest that you first of all monitor the quality, distributing the quantity so:

— Twitter: less than 4 tweets per day, better than 10 tweets per week.
— MEME/Design: less than 3 posts per day, no more than 8 posts per week.
— Article: better 2 articles per week.
— Video: better than full-fledged 2 videos per week.
— Translated article: preferably 2 articles per week.
— Reddit: less than 3 posts per day, no more than 8 posts per week.

Only in the first week of the program, when completing tasks, participants are allowed to use materials taken from the main project site, blogs, Twitter, and other social networks.
However, starting from the second week after the first post that you published, only your original content is allowed to be published, to avoid the spread of repetitive and meaningless content.

*You will receive additional promotional materials and presentations after being invited to the Ambassadors Group.

We invite users to upload our task list sheet and send proof of work online to “Submit”.

✅ 1. Upload or make a copy of the task sheet and record your work, and then send it to us by form/email. (Recommended if you have a lot of proof of work)
✅ 2. Write down your work using your methods and send it to us
by form/email. (Recommended if you have a lot of proof of work)

Submit the form

Write to us by email:

Moreover, Intelfin hopes that each ambassador will create more attractive content. We appreciate your efforts and you will probably be able to make a generous profit! May Fortune come with you!

But we have a mandatory requirement: when reporting, all ambassadors must fill out a Google Form with a detailed description of the work they have done.

After you are accepted into the program, we will give you various individual tasks or you can start actively helping the development of Intelfin in your unique way.

To ensure that the work is done in a meaningful and valuable way, Intelfin reserves the right to challenge contributions that are not of value to the community (for example, sending spam, using Google Translate to translate blogs, etc.). Ambassadors will advance through the program as they prove their ability to lead and build the Intelfin community.


— IDO Intelfin whitelists (the number of whitelists depends on your contribution).
— Resources of the Intelfin Global community and the sharing of platform resources.
— Priority of participation in the follow-up activities of the Intelfin Global platform.
— In the future, we will create an embassy treasury and distribute monthly remuneration depending on the performance appraisal.

Details about the full remuneration structure will be published as the program launches. The remuneration will be determined depending on the offer of each Intelfin Ambassador.

In turn, we will provide a monthly prize fund of $5,000 in Intelfin tokens and an additional bonus in the form of NFT for qualified ambassadors!

*Rewards will be provided in the form of Intelfin tokens, NFTs, as well as exclusive access to the Intelfin Global team and platform.

*Each candidate will start from the zero level with an increase, which may occur monthly, depending on the level of activity of the ambassador.

*We are also ready to encourage ambassadors by non-traditional methods, whether it is opportunities to establish contacts or recommendations as you gain authority in the crypto space. If you have a suggestion on how you would like to be rewarded, please let us know.

You are very lucky that you came to us in the first rows.

Join us now!

We are creating a community filled with meaningful and rich conversations about cryptocurrency, DeFi, and AI/ML, please take a look at our Twitter.




Intelfin is a unique protocol of decentralized finance, which is currently under active development.

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Intelfin Global

Intelfin Global

Intelfin is a unique protocol of decentralized finance, which is currently under active development.

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