Intelfin Global opens opportunities for partnerships!

The Intelfin Global platform has been integrated with a system that allows promotional codes.

The “Promo code” field is required when activating membership in either the Hybrid Bot Pool or the Arbitrage Bot Pool.
The Intelfin Global platform will offer this opportunity for membership in the Liquidity Pools as of Jun 2022.

By using promotional codes, it is possible to increase working capital based on the percentage assigned to a promotional code when activating platform tools.


  • You have a promo code for 10%.
  • You have chosen to activate the Hybrid Bot pool with a minimum allowed hold amount of 100 IFGT (1,000 USDT).
  • In the Hybrid Bot pool membership activation menu, you enter the deposit amount for hold — 100 IFGT (1,000 USDT), then enter the promo and you will see that your working capital has increased by 10% of the amount you entered, that is, by 10 IFGT (100 USDT) the total amount of the hold in the pool has become larger.
  • The total amount of assets that will participate in generating profits will now be 110 IFGT (1,100 USDT).
The screenshot indicates how the additional working capital appears in the Hybrid Bot pool membership activation menu, added to the Total Staking Amount following the addition of a PROMO CODE by 10%.
Taken from the platform’s website:

Accordingly, from this amount, you will receive income from staking.

By using a promo code, working capital is added to a membership that burns out at the end of the membership validity period.

At the end of the membership period, the original amount of the hold only of your capital is returned to your account in your personal account, as in our example, equal to 100 IFGT.

The working capital added as a result of using the promotional code (as in our example, this is an additional 10 IFGT) only increases the number of hold funds when activating membership on the platform and is available only during the phase of active use of a particular instrument (bot’s pools).


  • Keep up with all partner opportunities and news by subscribing to the channel ▶️
  • Also, you can apply to become a partner by email:, or by telegram ▶️
  • Your partner privileges and materials will become available to you once your application has been approved
  • Platform users with staking amounts of 100,000 USDT or more are given priority in the approval process.

Your personal promo code can be found once your partner cabinet has been approved.

The partners’ bonus balance and place where the personal promo code is generated. Taken from the platform website

Also, in your Personal Partner Account on, an additional Affiliate/Bonus balance will be included, to which you will receive receipts in the equivalent of additional operating capital from each activation of the instruments using your promotional code.

The bonus funds received from instrument activations may be staked in platform instruments in accordance with the terms that have been specifically agreed with you.

Promotional codes are typically valid for a specific period when published by a specific official partner, or during a particular promotion — the percentage of circulating capital may differ too.

Rules and Regulations of the Intelfin Global platform’s promotional codes

  • The user can specify a promo code when creating a membership of products in the platform pools (Liquidity Pools will soon be integrated with the promo code system) and receive bonus funds for it, while the user who shared it will also receive bonus funds on their bonus balance in the same amount as the person who activated the promo code.
  • The user can also specify the amount of bonus funds, if any, from his bonus balance when creating any one of the contracts (at the time this article was published, the function was only available for members of the Arbitrage Bot and Hybrid Bot pools).
  • You cannot activate the membership contracts with your own promo code.
  • Any attempt at fraud, as well as any suspicion of multi-accounting, will result in the blocking of the suspected account and all of its activities.
  • Users cannot withdraw $IFGT tokens received with promo codes (neither by the user who shares the promo code nor by the user who enters it), the funds are credited to the Bonus balance in the personal account of the shared user and can be used only to receive income from any of the products, or to the bonus contract of the user using the promo code when activating the contract/membership in the platform pool.
  • When a promotional code is used during the creation of a contract in one of the investment products, bonus funds are immediately credited to the bonus balance in the investment product and are taken into account when accruing profits, profits are credited either to the current balance in the account, with the auto-reinvest function disabled, or to the main balance (investment body) in the investment product with the “auto-reinvest” function enabled
  • Bonus funds on the bonus balance of the contract are returned to assets after the completion of the contract, except when the user has enabled the “auto-renewal” function, where the contract is not terminated, but extended for a new period.
  • The basic conditions for most agents are as follows: 10% of the amount invested by the user with the promo code is received by the user who shared the promo code and 10% is received by the user who enters the promo code when creating a contract. The number of bonus funds (%) for the user who shares the promo code and for the users who use the promo code when creating contracts are always equal.
  • During registration, the user is registered as a standard user, and after the company approves his application, he can later become an Influencer.
  • An ordinary user (AGENT, PARTNER, NEW) cannot open a contract with only bonus funds. The minimum ratio of funds on Current Balance to Bonus Balance must be at least 3 to 1. This means, for example, that if a user wants to receive income from 1000 USDT bonus funds, he must have at least 3000 USDT on Current Balance.
  • The influencer rank tipe (AMBASSADOR / FIRST WAVE / PROMOTION / BOOST COMMUNITY) can open a contract using only bonus funds, while his bonus funds, like a regular agent, must expire after the expiration of the membership/contract, except when user, the “auto-renewal” function is enabled, since the membership contract is not terminated, but extended for a new period.

About Intelfin

The Intelfin ecosystem (IFGT) is a decentralized ecosystem built on the internal tokens of each product/membership, the total value of which is expressed in the main internal token of the platform — $IFGT.
Intelfin Ecosystem: Intelfin Global Investment Multiplatform was launched in the third quarter of 2020 and is under active development.
Intelfin DAO, Intelfin NFT, Intelfin AI, Intelfin Staking and Intelfin DEX applications are under active development.

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