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🎊 Since we launched the Intelfin Community Ambassador Program, a large number of candidates and community members have participated.

In total, we received more than 970 applications, which inspired us and we continue to work hard and improve the Ambassador program, for example, supplementing it with the Commander program.

⚜️ If you want to immediately feel all the privileges of being at the forefront of Intelfin — you can check your eligibility and try to prove yourself by filling out this form —

Our deepest gratitude goes out to all participants for showing such appreciation and dedication.

♨ During the process of filtering and checking all proofs of work completion, we discovered several types of users:

  • Good craftsmen who showed real involvement in the life of the project and created works of better quality than the prevailing number of candidates. We called them the Intelfin Secret Guard.
  • Experienced and active, who we immediately invited to participate in the Intelfin Battalion Commanders program: they have worked as ambassadors in other projects or have rich experience and are full of enthusiasm in promoting the project and scaling information about the Intelfin ecosystem.
  • Active users with connections and social influence, able to attract and organize a large audience, who provided evidence of work in influential social networks and their unique vision for the development of the project. We’ll call them Intelfin Illuminate.
  • The newcomers, who we will call Intelfin Keen: have just launched their social networks and have no influence or experience. However, they are very interested in becoming an ambassador who can become better in the crypto community.

*A description of each rank, as well as the corresponding obligations and privileges, you can find in the next blog article dedicated to expanding the Intelfin Ambassador Program.

📌 Intelfin is just launching and improving the ambassador program, therefore we expect and see that more experienced and technologically savvy (having experience and professional skills) candidates will be able to participate more in the Community Ambassador Program.

In addition, all participants, whether they are new or experienced, are welcome to join the Intelfin community to learn about the crypto industry and become familiar with the required level of compliance, thus becoming an ambassador for Intelfin.

As a member of the close-knit Intelfin ecosystem community, you can showcase your skills, contribute to the vision of the Intelfin ecosystem, share information, and help build a wider community, as well as drive the development of Intelfin and expand the mission of the Intelfin Group.

🔥 After lengthy discussions, we have approved a new accelerated selection method for all Intelfin Keen aspirants.
If you follow the steps one by one, you will have the opportunity to become one of the ambassadors of the Intelfin community.

For inspiring newcomers, we have already formed teams of the most active members of the community who will assist with the adoption process and answer questions.

Here are the steps that anyone can take to become an Intelfin Ambassador.

🔴 Step 1: Read the relevant documents and fill out the application.
(if there are already completed applications, you can skip the form)

🔹 Article 1: “Become an Intelfin Ambassador”

🔹 Article 2: “How to be an Intelfin Community Ambassador?”

🔹 Article 3: “Update on Community Guidance”

🔹 Article 4: “The Intelfin Ambassador Program: Assessment Standards for the First Two Weeks”

🔹 Document: “Guideline and Reward Details to Ambassador Program”

🔹Fill out the form:

🔴 Step two: Join the Intelfin Community Ambassador Telegram group

🔴 Third step: Complete the tasks in the Telegram group

We are launching a test extended plan of the Intelfin Army Ambassador Program for one month.

Select the language group and tasks that you can perform in the best way and to the best of your abilities! Assign tasks to groups so members of the community can complete tasks and provide proof of work to score points and move up in ranks.

🔴 A Step Home You Walked: Becoming Officially an Ambassador for the Intelfin Community!

You will only receive the Intelfin Official Ambassador level if you accept the challenge and gain 300 points (having reached the Intelfin Corporal on the leaderboard).

There are a dozen currently open Intelfin Community Level Ambassadors.

✴️ Different levels require different points, and you will receive the corresponding amount of $IFGT as a reward, which will be credited to you in your account on the Intelfin Global platform ( and upon completion of the control period, which will be used to activate the tools platforms, and making a profit in USDT.

The ranks and titles of Intelfin Community Ambassadors

In addition to $IFGT rewards, the Intelfin Community Ambassador Program will offer various prizes and gifts for the most active participants.

Due to the rapid growth of Intelfin, we expect more and more users to become passionate about the growth and products of Intelfin and actively participate in the process of building a cohesive and powerful intelligent community.

You can contact us at if you have any requests or questions.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to welcoming you to our high intelligent and friendly Intelfin community as a member!

About Intelfin

Intelfin ecosystem — what is it?

The Intelfin ecosystem (IFGT) is a decentralized ecosystem built on the internal tokens of each product/membership, the total value of which is expressed in the main internal token of the platform — $IFGT.

Intelfin Ecosystem: Intelfin Global Investment Multiplatform was launched in the third quarter of 2020 and is under active development.
Intelfin AI, Intelfin Staking and Intelfin DEX applications are under active development.

How does Intelfin Global work?

Intelfin Global is a unique protocol of decentralized finance, which is currently under active development. Intelfin Global is based on IntelfinAI, a crypto forecasting and analytics tool based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

These AI/ML models use platform bots, constantly scanning more than 2500 coins and tokens to extract maximum profit for both beginners and professional traders. Intelfin algorithms blur the line between professional crypto traders and newcomers to the digital asset markets.

The platform’s trading bots automatically make trades based on signals generated by IntelfinAI, analyzing a wide set of data, ranging from traditional technical factors such as Fibonacci lines and reference points to more fundamental data such as token distribution and social media sentiment.

After analyzing all this data, IntelfinAI makes a coin rating and selects which coins are profitable to buy or sell in each of the pools. Since the crypto market is always active, IntelfinAI analyzes this data in real-time. Real-time data analysis allows IntelfinAI to update signals for bots in every change that occurs in the market.

One factor in itself is worthless, but a combination of factors becomes valuable information. IntelfinAI synthesizes information from various sources in real-time to provide the best possible results to users of the platform.
Like cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science are areas that are revolutionizing industries.
Intelfin is a fusion of these areas, building a bridge between cryptocurrency investors, traders, and artificial intelligence.

At the moment, the advantages of machine learning and artificial intelligence are used by banks, hedge funds, and professional traders. Intelfin equalizes the rules of the game by taking power away from large banks and hedge funds and returning power to the hands of ordinary people.

What is Intelfin Global multiplatform?

Intelfin is an automated investment multiplatform built based on the Intelfin ecosystem, integrated with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, helping you get the maximum profit from the cryptocurrency markets.

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