The Intelfin Ambassador Program is being updated and scaled up

⚜️ If you want to immediately feel all the privileges of being at the forefront of Intelfin — you can check your eligibility and try to prove yourself by filling out this form —

♨ During the process of filtering and checking all proofs of work completion, we discovered several types of users:

  • Good craftsmen who showed real involvement in the life of the project and created works of better quality than the prevailing number of candidates. We called them the Intelfin Secret Guard.
  • Experienced and active, who we immediately invited to participate in the Intelfin Battalion Commanders program: they have worked as ambassadors in other projects or have rich experience and are full of enthusiasm in promoting the project and scaling information about the Intelfin ecosystem.
  • Active users with connections and social influence, able to attract and organize a large audience, who provided evidence of work in influential social networks and their unique vision for the development of the project. We’ll call them Intelfin Illuminate.
  • The newcomers, who we will call Intelfin Keen: have just launched their social networks and have no influence or experience. However, they are very interested in becoming an ambassador who can become better in the crypto community.

In addition, all participants, whether they are new or experienced, are welcome to join the Intelfin community to learn about the crypto industry and become familiar with the required level of compliance, thus becoming an ambassador for Intelfin.

Here are the steps that anyone can take to become an Intelfin Ambassador.

You will only receive the Intelfin Official Ambassador level if you accept the challenge and gain 300 points (having reached the Intelfin Corporal on the leaderboard).

The ranks and titles of Intelfin Community Ambassadors

About Intelfin

Intelfin ecosystem — what is it?

How does Intelfin Global work?

What is Intelfin Global multiplatform?



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