The Intelfin Ambassador Program: Assessment Standards

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5 min readFeb 21, 2022


Over the past 2 weeks (February 7th to 20th) a large number of candidates and community members have participated in the Intelfin Community Ambassador Program.

More than 970 applications for participation have been received during this period, which has inspired us and added a lot of work at the same time.

We apologize for the extended waiting time for detailed feedback and at the same time, we ask you to understand what a huge amount of work our team is doing to give the majority of the participants an opportunity to prove themselves. We are working hard to improve the Ambassador Program and open additional programs for the most active and dedicated members of the community.

As we are in the process of automating and attracting more participants to the expert evaluation team, we will soon announce a table with the results of the first week of the program in the Telegram Ambassadors group.

Currently, we continue to check your works and will actively answer your questions only if they do not concern all those edits and comments within the article.

Those participants who do not have a rating in the table or have “0”, but you are in the results rating table (and if you are not in the table but sent your PoW) — write to us here:
*Or maybe you didn’t make the document publicly available right away, your PoWs aren’t legible, or our expert team has questions for you…

!!! If you sent work confirmations in more than one document and your work was done at a high level and without all the listed errors, you can write to us here:
*And, if you have really done a unique job and your posts have attracted worthy attention, perhaps we will revise the distribution of points for you on an individual basis.

As we saw, most of the program participants for a long time did not seek to dive deep and understand the activities of the project and familiarize themselves with the faq, which is why the team and active participants had to repeat many times that all the necessary information will be given in due time, and all that is needed know and can apply at a specific time — always available in pinned messages!

It was decided that the maximum number of points that could be earned in the first week could be 100. In the second week, 200 points could be earned. Our expectation is that starting with the third week, the quality of your work will increase many times over, and the best among you will be able to equate points to the mark of a Sergeant in Intelfin!

Afterward, we wrote down a series of notes, a list of common errors, and new rules for completing assignments and submitting reports.

In the two weeks of the Intelfin Ambassador Program (2022.2.7–2022.2.20), which involved more than 300 community users and submitted Proof of Works, we had to structure the information you sent in for days and we noticed the following warning signs.

  • In the first week, it was normal for users to take content from our archives and copy memes, tweets, articles from Intelfin social networks such as Documents, website, Medium, Twitter, etc.
  • However, in the second week, we already noticed some users again copying content or editing content from Intelfin documents, as well as their old work, which made a lot of such meaningless content sharing.
  • In Week 3, we DO NOT WANT to find that just a single user is still copying or editing content from our website, creating tons of simple similar memes, asking dumb questions and replies on Twitter with no meaning, posting unoriginal videos, etc. ., which deviates from our goal of the Intelfin Ambassador Program.

We would like to remind you that the Intelfin Global Ambassador program has the following goals:

  • Raising awareness of the Intelfin ecosystem and the Intelfin Global multi-investment platform.
  • Creation of an active and large Intelfin community in social networks and local groups.
  • Establishment and rewarding of the Club of Intelfin Adherents.

Sadly, we had to record a large number of low-quality, careless and even damaging to the image of the project works.

Each work where the company’s logo has been and will be seen without a transparent background and an insertion of a logo or design elements that do not fit into the overall composition will not be counted.

Moreover, ugly identical works — can bring you minus points and be considered spam if they are distributed and the conditions of the program are not met.

Recommendations and rules for reporting:

- one document/table with a clear structure and division of reports into groups for each type of task,
- each link must be clickable with a transition to the confirmation page.

! Starting from the third week (February 21–27) reports on the work that does not meet the criteria described in this article will not be accepted for evaluation!

If you post non-aesthetic, non-beautiful, unqualified, meaningless, or boring content about Intelfin, we believe that it is not good for either promoting the community or promoting the Intelfin brand.

Therefore, we hope that all community ambassadors will notice: quantity does not equal quality. The more low-quality content you create, it won’t get you higher scores, instead, you’ll probably lower your level.

Make your content more meaningful and original. Instead of just copying the content of our official document/article/announcement, you should provide your own ideas and opinions.

Again, based on the previous standard, we will focus more on the points below:
Please send confirmations of each work collected in one file once a week, following completion of all daily/weekly tasks for a particular period/week!
- Some of the participants sent a lot of links to works from other ambassador programs. This approach will raise doubts on our part about how you approach future work if your attention and interest dwindle with the approach.
- A “-” will be added to the rating line for those who sent confirmations of work with links to another project! Do not be surprised by the reason and be more serious and attentive! This is the big mistake you can make!
High resolution of each work and aesthetics of execution.
- Focus on the quality of your posts, highly qualified posts will help you get higher scores.
- Interesting content will be easier to share in the community.

It is our hope that you will be able to expand your relationships with the community, create dynamic groups and destinations, and increase the number of subscribers on channels and social networks.

Enhance your aesthetic skills, as well as develop and deepen your understanding of the crypto universe and DeFi, then create unique and appealing content that you would like to read and consider.

Most importantly, we value content that is appreciated by the community and share many retweets and copies.



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