The Intelfin Ambassador Program: Assessment Standards

We apologize for the extended waiting time for detailed feedback and at the same time, we ask you to understand what a huge amount of work our team is doing to give the majority of the participants an opportunity to prove themselves. We are working hard to improve the Ambassador Program and open additional programs for the most active and dedicated members of the community.

Afterward, we wrote down a series of notes, a list of common errors, and new rules for completing assignments and submitting reports.

  • In the first week, it was normal for users to take content from our archives and copy memes, tweets, articles from Intelfin social networks such as Documents, website, Medium, Twitter, etc.
  • However, in the second week, we already noticed some users again copying content or editing content from Intelfin documents, as well as their old work, which made a lot of such meaningless content sharing.
  • In Week 3, we DO NOT WANT to find that just a single user is still copying or editing content from our website, creating tons of simple similar memes, asking dumb questions and replies on Twitter with no meaning, posting unoriginal videos, etc. ., which deviates from our goal of the Intelfin Ambassador Program.
  • Raising awareness of the Intelfin ecosystem and the Intelfin Global multi-investment platform.
  • Creation of an active and large Intelfin community in social networks and local groups.
  • Establishment and rewarding of the Club of Intelfin Adherents.

Each work where the company’s logo has been and will be seen without a transparent background and an insertion of a logo or design elements that do not fit into the overall composition will not be counted.

Recommendations and rules for reporting:

! Starting from the third week (February 21–27) reports on the work that does not meet the criteria described in this article will not be accepted for evaluation!



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Intelfin is a unique protocol of decentralized finance, which is currently under active development.