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The Intelfin Community Ambassador Program has been running successfully for the second month (6 weeks) since 02/07/2022 and during this time we have made many changes and improvements to it. During all this time, a huge number of people have expressed their desire to participate in the Intelfin Ambassador Program and more than 250 participants are already receiving points. We congratulate all participants who have shown their skill and skills all the time and have earned more than 300 points, thus advancing to the rank of Intelfin Corporal.

You will only receive the Intelfin Official Ambassador level if you accept the challenge and gain 300 points (having reached the Intelfin Corporal on the leaderboard)

⚠️ The Ambassador program points will be exchanged for internal tokens of the IFGT platform 2 times per calendar month: on every first Monday of a new month and during the third week of the month.

💱 To exchange your points for platform tokens and credit them to the balance at the end of each month, a link to a special form will be issued in the main group of the ambassador program for each new member who has reached the mark of 300 points, as well as for those members who have increased the number of earned points and moved to a new rank on the leaderboard.

For example, the next rank and the possibility of additional crediting of tokens to the platform balance will become available after reaching the mark of 900 points, corresponding to the rank of Intelfin Sergeant.

Information for program members who have scored more than 300 points (received the rank of Intelfin Corporal on the leaderboard)

The next cut and crediting of tokens to the balance of the platform will take place from April 4th to April 7th inclusive.

What can I do with $IFGT credited to the balance of the Intelfin Global platform?

After crediting the tokens to the balance of your account on the Intelfin Global platform, you will be able to activate memberships/platform tools, according to the amount required to activate a particular pool.

This means that you can, for example, activate Liquidity Pools and for this, you will only need 30 IFGT for a Stake in one liquidity pool (which is equivalent to 300 USDT at a fixed platform token rate, where 1 IFGT = 10 USDT). By activating membership in liquidity pools, you can expect a fixed profit of 6% to 9% monthly with the ability to withdraw profits in usdt once a month after the end of the trading period.

You can learn more about how Intelfin Global platform liquidity pools work here —

✴️ You can do otherwise and continue earning points by completing tasks even better in order to accumulate a larger amount of tokens on your balance, having which you will be able to activate tools with higher profitability.

For example, you can reach the mark of 100 IFGT, which will allow you to activate the Hybrid Bot pool and earn up to 14%-19% monthly with the possibility of withdrawing profits in USDT at the end of each trading period. For the Hybrid Bot pool, at the time of this writing, the trading/settlement period is a month.

You can read more about the Hybrid Bot pool at

🔎 You can find out all the details about how the Intelfin Global platform works, as well as the conditions for activating each type of membership/tool, in the Platform Information Center by clicking on the link ▶

And yet, if you still have questions after studying the FAQ on the platform website, then you can contact the technical support service by going to the appropriate section of the website.


  • IFGT tokens credited as a result of the Ambassador Program can only be used to activate the Intelfin Global Platform Membership/Tools ().
  • IFGT tokens credited as a result of the ambassador program are not available for withdrawal/sale/exchange on third-party resources/exchanges until the main network of the ecosystem is deployed.
  • IFGT tokens credited as a result of the ambassador program that was used to activate platform instruments will participate in trading operations corresponding to each instrument and will generate profit that is available for withdrawal in usdt once a month at the end of each trading period.
  • IFGT tokens credited as a result of the ambassador program will be available for withdrawal/exchange/sales only after the launch of the main network, while the participant of the ambassador program must fulfill a number of conditions so that the tokens are available for withdrawal when the project reaches the appropriate stage of development.
    Specific conditions and privileges for ranked candidates will be presented in one of the following articles on our Medium blog.
    The main condition is to increase the constant productivity of the program participant for at least 3 months from the moment the tokens are credited to the platform balance.

Intelfin 2.0 Ambassador Program
Updates to the program and participation rules

Over the entire period of analyzing the behavior and work of participants in the ambassador program, we have recorded many repetitive scenarios associated with the poor performance of tasks and unacceptable behavior in the group. We also selected the most active and aspiring participants who have already confirmed their skills or are close to reaching the mark of 300 points (the cut was made on March 22).

The next big cut and distribution of candidates into working groups are planned for April 4th — 6th.

The Intelfin Ambassador Program will be reorganized into two groups in the coming days.

1️⃣ A closed group “Intelfin Guardians” was created for those participants whom we selected as the best and aspiring. We mark the numbers of such participants in pale yellow in the table of main points. Those who receive such a mark will be invited to a closed group until March 30th. Invitations will be sent via Telegram by our ranked ambassadors.

“Members of the Intelfin Guardians group will be provided with a separate list of tasks and areas of responsibility.”

2️⃣ As a result, the main group of ambassadors from now on will be known as the 2nd group, in which participants who did not receive invitations to the “Intelfin Guardians” group will continue to perform tasks.


  • Every person who has not received an invitation to the new working group, as well as every new arrival, is given the opportunity to improve their level of work and reach the mark of 300 points in order to be eligible to join the working group and become one of the Intelfin Ambassadors.

Everyone who has not received an invitation to the new working group, as well as for ALL NEWCOMERS, is given a LIMITED PERIOD from March 21st to April 18th to make their meaningful contribution to the development of the Intelfin community.

⚠️ All current members of the program, as well as anyone who wishes and aspires, can become part of the Intelfin Army by participating in the Intelfin Ambassador Program unconditionally agreeing to the following rules and regulations:

“It is important to note that these rules and regulations are subject to change without notice to candidates. Program administrators and active community members will do their best to keep you up to date with any updates. You can contribute by personally growing the Intelfin community.”

1. No matter at what stage and week of the program you started to complete tasks, the number of points earned will depend on which week of participation in the Intelfin Ambassador Program is for you.

For the first week, program participants can get a maximum score of 100 points, for the second week the maximum score will be 200 points, for the third week, the maximum that you can achieve with the perfect completion of all basic and additionals tasks is 300 points. Starting from the 4th week, each participant of the program has the opportunity to achieve rewards of more than a thousand points, however, from now on, each work will be evaluated only on the criteria of a real contribution to the development of the community and the uniqueness of the contribution to the development of the project ecosystem. Thus, everyone has an equal chance to prove themselves and create a new future today! Worthy and striving will be rewarded and accepted into our intellectual team!

2. Starting from the 7th week, the reporting period will be extended to 2 weeks, which means that all works made from March 21st will be subject to a two-week review period.

3. The results and evaluation of the work will be published on Wednesdays in the week following the elapsed period. For example, the next period (7th and 8th weeks of the program) will last from March 21st to April 3rd, and the results should be posted on the scoreboard as early as April 6th (Wednesday), but no later than 8-th April (Friday).

4. You are confident and confirm that you have studied in detail and can answer any question from the following materials:

5. You have read and strictly follow the Community Guidelines

6. You understand and fully accept that ALL WORK YOU PERFORM MUST MEET STRICT QUALITY CRITERIA.

7. You have studied EXAMPLES AND SAMPLES OF QUALITY WORK. You can find examples and samples of work that you need to equal in order for you to receive high scores in the main ambassadors group (the Second group after the division of the program) in the pinned messages, as well as in the Guide to completing tasks:

8. The report must be submitted only in the following form:

  • one document/table with a clear structure and division of reports into groups for each type of task;
  • each link should be clickable with a transition to the confirmation page with the work/post.

9. You have studied all the material available in the Platform Information Center and fully understand how the Intelfin Global platform system works.

10. You clearly understand the following facts about the project:

The Intelfin ecosystem (IFGT) is a decentralized ecosystem built on the internal tokens of each product/membership, the total value of which is expressed in the main internal token of the platform — $IFGT.

Intelfin Ecosystem: Intelfin Global Investment Multiplatform was launched in the third quarter of 2020 and is under active development.
Intelfin AI, Intelfin Staking and Intelfin DEX applications are under active development.



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