Supreme Intelligence of Intelfin AI launches the Third phase of the Ambassador Program!

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4 min readJul 1, 2022

Intelfin Ambassador Program. Hot season. New wave

☀ Greetings to all #Intelfin_Army warriors and all those who aspire to join the ranks of the intellectual vanguard of the Intelfin Group!

With the onset of the hot season, we are pleased to announce the next wave of the Intelfin Group Ambassador Program.

The Intelfin Ambassador Recruitment Program has been running for more than 4 months and has already become one of the most exciting and promising for each participant, regardless of the skill level and experience of the individual. In fact, our program has become so successful that some projects have begun to copy its structure and elements.
But we are not greedy — this is an open space, and we are only energized by the understanding that the path we have traveled has gained such wide popularity.

Since the launch of the Ambassador Program, we have reviewed and analyzed thousands of applications and forms all over the world, resulting in over 300 individuals participating!

And we don’t intend to stop there! Every month we raised the bar for the quality of the work performed and, thus, came to steady constant growth in quality and compliance with the high standards of the Intelfin Groups companies!

All worthy candidates have already received high ranks and earned respect in the Super Intelligent Intelfin community!

Visit the core group of the first ecosystem project to directly ask questions and evaluate the results of the ambassadors and investors of the Intelfin Global multi-platform ▶

The idea of ​​the third wave of the Intelfin Ambassador Program is to ensure a steady growth in the number of experienced Ambassadors, improve the skills of aspiring candidates, and scale the popularity of the entire Intelfin ecosystem on every continent!

Intelfin Group Ambassadors will take part in this stage of the program under powerful social slogans:

“Intelfin’s AI Super Intelligence will benefit all of us!”

“Tell everyone you know that with Intelfin Global, a luxurious future is sure!”

We are looking for forward-thinking people who recognize the potential of decentralization and the great potential of DeFi projects to change the quality of everyday life and reward forward-thinking investors.

We are actively looking for partners who support Intelfin’s #CryptoWellbeing mission: making financial freedom accessible to everyone around the world!

We aim to move the cryptocurrency space out of the hands of big financial institutions and into the hands of ordinary people like you and us!

Even those with no investment experience can make money on market price differences by leveraging the mathematical power of Intelfin Group algorithms and the full power of Intelfin AI’s continuously self-learning Super Intelligence!

We know that with the great ambitions inherent in the Intelfin team, in order to achieve our goals, it will take a powerful army of superheroes-ambassadors, charged with round-the-clock activity, of which YOU can become a part!

That’s why the best Intelfin Ambassadors will be generously rewarded for contributing to our inevitable success!

ℹ️ What will you do as an Ambassador for Intelfin Global?

  • Introduce new potential partnerships.
  • Collaborate with other blockchain communities to organize and manage special events.
  • Promote Intelfin in your country and communities.
  • Create engaging and creative content for the community.
  • Conduct regular AMAs and Meetups, and bring onboard new joiners to the Intelfin community.

ℹ️ What else does an ambassador do?

  • creating awareness of the project
  • creating and sharing posts about Intelfin’s benefits
  • creating multimedia content in several languages
  • organization of webinars, events, and meetups
  • social media outreach
  • translating and disseminating content

If you want to contribute to the development and popularization of Intelfin in other ways, you can write Ambassador Program curators to Telegram, and we’ll have considered your ideas.

Curators contacts:



You must follow THREE simple steps in order to become a candidate for Intelfin Ambassador Program:

  1. Fill out the form correctly
  2. Join the Telegram group for the project ▶
  3. Join the Intelfin Global community on Discord

With luck on your side, if you complete the questionnaire to the very best of your ability, you’ll have a chance to become one of the #Intelfin_Army warriors! You will be contacted by an Intelfin representative or curator by email, Telegram, or one of the other contacts you were provided with to guide you on local activities in the community.


All Ambassadors to be selected by the Intelfin team of experts must follow strict rules in order to start or continue their participation in the Ambassador Program.


Individual and group tasks, as well as special missions, will become available to you after passing through all stages of the selection of candidates.

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t waste any more time!

We have a limited number of seats on the Intelfin Space Shuttle available!

Take the first step towards a luxurious decentralized reality — FILL OUT THE FORM!

Fasten your seatbelts, fire up the engines — we’re taking off with the vector on #IntelVerse 🚀

About Intelfin

The Intelfin ecosystem (IFGT) is a decentralized ecosystem built on the internal tokens of each product/membership, the total value of which is expressed in the main internal token of the platform — $IFGT.

Intelfin Ecosystem: Intelfin Global Investment Multiplatform was launched in the third quarter of 2020 and is under active development.
Intelfin DAO, Intelfin NFT, Intelfin AI, Intelfin Staking and Intelfin DEX applications are under active development.

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